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Tax, title & registration

Title & Registration Fundamentals


IL RMP OD1 course

online training

Registration fundamentals

From work or home, dive into RMP’s interactive training on General Policies, Taxes, the Illinois Title, Supporting Documents, and more. Learn at your own pace on your way to success. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

New License and Title Clerks as well as anyone interested in Illinois Titling and Registration

IL OD 1 Module Table of Contents screenshotIL OD 1 Module screenshotIL OD 1 Module screenshot

5 Online Modules:

  • General Policies (~30 minutes)

  • Titles (~30 minutes)

  • Forms & Supporting Documents (~30 minutes)

  • Tax Forms & Exemptions (~30 minutes)

  • Tax Calculations (~30 minutes)