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Title & Registration Fundamentals

Title & Reg Fundamentals


CA RMP OD 1 course

online training

Registration fundamentals

From work or home, dive into RMP’s interactive training on General Policies, Exemptions, Gross Vehicle Weight, California Titles and more. Learn at your own pace on your way to success. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

New Title and Reg Clerks as well as anyone interested in California Titling and Registration

CA OD 1 ModuleCA OD 1 Module ScreenshotCA OD 1 Module Screenshot

8 Online Modules:

  • General Policies

  • Vehicle Registration Inquiry Report (KSR)

  • Reporting a Vehicle Sale

  • California Title

  • Replacement or Transfer of Title

  • Exemptions

  • Declaration of GVW/CGW

  • Nonresident Vehicles

Title & Registration for dealerships

Specialized Transactions


CA RMP OD 2 course

online training

Dive deeper with specialized deals

Learn the legal definitions involved in deceased owner transfers, the differences between Title Only and Transfer Only transactions, and the handling of rollbacks and unwinds. Additionally, understand the diligent effort required in obtaining motor vehicle bonds. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

Intermediate to advanced Title and Reg Clerks with at least six months of experience

California OD 2 Module Table of ContentsCalifornia OD 2 Module screenshot

6 Online Modules:

  • Rollbacks and Unwind Applications (~25 minutes)

  • Nonresident Vehicles with a Former California Record (~25 minutes)

  • Nontitle Goldenrod Registrations (~25 minutes)

  • Deceased Owner Transfers (~25 minutes)

  • Title Only and Transfer Only Applications (~25 minutes)

  • Diligent Effort and Motor Vehicle Bonds (~25 minutes)


Registration Streamlining for Sales & Finance


CA RMP F and I course

online training

Online F&I training at your own pace

Did the customer sign in all the right boxes? Did they fill out all the forms completely? There’s a special deal — what additional DMV form do you need then? This F&I online training course covers it all, helping your dealership reduce errors and minimize overages. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

All sales and finance staff

California F and I Module Table of ContentsCalifornia F and I Module screenshotCalifornia F and I Module screenshot

8 Online Modules:

  • General Policies (~25 minutes)

  • Vehicle Report of Sale (~25 minutes)

  • California Title (~25 minutes)

  • Duplicate or Transfer of Title (~25 minutes)

  • Exemptions (~25 minutes)

  • Declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight (~25 minutes)

  • Nonresident Vehicles (~25 minutes)

  • Rollbacks and Unwind Applications (~25 minutes)


Vehicle Verification


CA RMP Vehicle Verification course

online training

What you need to verify vehicles

As a vehicle verifier you are trusted to inspect, record, document and submit to the Department of Motor Vehicles proof of vehicle identification, required for registering or transferring the ownership of vehicles. The Vehicle Verification course offered through the RMP program will teach you to accurately and successfully complete the proof of vehicle identification. The course’s topics include license requirements, what vehicle verifiers do, mandatory and prohibited verifications and record keeping.

Who is this course for?

New vehicle verifiers or those seeking to refresh their vehicle verification skills

California Vehicle Verification Module Table of ContentsCalifornia Vehicle Verification ModuleCalifornia Vehicle Verification Module

After this course, you will understand:

  • How to obtain a vehicle verifier’s license

  • The proper way to complete a REG 31

  • Which transactions require a VIN verification

  • Which transactions you are authorized to verify

  • Who is authorized to verify vehicles

  • How to decode the VIN


Training Dealers Renewal


CA RMP Training Dealer Renewal course

Online Training

About this course

Our expert RMP trainers created Training Dealers Renewal (TD REN) just for Used and Wholesale dealers needing their license renewed. Access TD REN on almost any browser, from the dealership or any spot in the house. Need to run a quick errand? Not a problem, you can stop and start the course any time, and it'll remember where you left off when you come back to it. Plus, TD REN is fully narrated and packed with interactive activities — learn at your own pace and have a good time while doing it. Once you complete the course, our RMP team will mail you a DMV Certified Certificate of Completion and you’ll be good for another two years! Plus, if you ever have any questions, our RMP team is happy to help you out.

Who should attend?

Used and Wholesale Dealer License holders who need renewal

Training Dealer Renewal Module Table of ContentsTraining Dealer Renewal Module screenshotTraining Dealer Renewal Module screenshot

After this course you will understand:

  • Renewals & Modifications

  • Dealer License Plate Use

  • Unlawful Activities & DMV

  • Consumer Protection Compliance

  • Motor Vehicle Financing

  • Conditional Sale Contracts

  • Warranty & Service Agreement

  • Dealer Record Compliance

  • General Policies & Procedures

  • Vehicle Licensing & Registration

  • Used Vehicle Fee Definitions

Price: $49

What's included?

  • Instant access to the online course

California DMV Approved

Certification #CCC0055