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Title & Registration for Dealerships

Title & Registration Fundamentals


Title & registration fundamentals

From work or home, dive into RMP’s interactive training on General Policies, Titling Documents, MPG/Title Fees, Forms and more. Learn at your own pace on your way to success. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

New Title and Reg Clerks as well as anyone interested in Oregon Titling and Registration

7 Online Modules:

  • General Policies (~20 minutes)

  • Titling Documents (~20 minutes)

  • Transfer of Ownership (~20 minutes)

  • Fees (~25 minutes)

  • Forms (~45 minutes)

  • Timelines (~20 minutes)

  • Deal Scenarios (~25 minutes)



What's included?

  • Instant access to the online course

  • Access to attend one online webinar that covers title & registration topics and scenarios more in depth

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  • Instant access to the digital book:
    REG 101 — Introduction to Titling & Registration

    View the table of contents

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