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title & registration fundamentals

Title & Registration Essentials

CO 1

Colorado RMP Reg 101 book cover


Perform at the top of your game

Instant access to RMP’s interactive training on General Policies, the Colorado Title, and more. From work or home, learn at your own pace on your way to success. Accessible online, each module features a dynamic presentation with full narration.

Who is this course for?

New Title Clerks as well as anyone interested in Colorado Titling and Registration

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3 Online Modules

  • General Policies (~10 minutes)

  • Colorado Title (~10 minutes)

  • Nonresident Vehicles (~10 minutes)


Specialized Tax, Titling & Registration Transactions

REG 201

Colorado RMP Reg 201 course


One of a kind

Problematic deals. Unique circumstances. Once in a blue moon scenarios. These all still need to be dealt with. REG 201 walks through it all covering title and registration scenarios when you need additional paperwork and less frequently used SOS/IDOR forms.

Who is this book for?

Title and Registration Clerks with at least one year of experience

After reading this book, you will understand:

  • Third party trade-in

  • Title and transfer for resale of plates

  • Filing an amended tax return form

  • The process of trading in vehicles owned by now deceased owners

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