Introduction to Tax, Titling & Registration

New and Used Vehicles

Introduction to Tax, Titling & Registration REG 101

Introduction to Tax, Titling & Registration


As a registration and title clerk, you are being counted on to be at the top of your game during the vehicle registration process. TAX/REG 101 provides the foundational knowledge to elevate your skills to the next level. This course examines the vehicle registration process from the sale of the vehicle to the successful completion of registration and title documents. A wide variety of topics is covered including commonly-used terms and their definitions, title and registration forms, Secretary of State (SOS) and Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) submission timelines, and understanding fees and taxes. Real-world registration exercises and hands-on activities deepen your understanding of the vehicle tax, title and registration process, how it impacts your dealership, and ultimately, your career.

Who Should Attend?

New title clerks with less than a year of experience, billers, office managers and contract workers

After this course, you will understand:

  • The vehicle tax, title and registration process
  • Common forms, titles and odometer disclosures
  • Submission timelines for SOS and IDOR
  • Understanding tax for purchased and leased vehicles
  • Processing deals in varied scenarios

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