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DMVdesk/Vitu Advanced eFiling


How do you stay on top of the latest features in DMVdesk and learn from the experts? How do you learn about any new DMV policies, laws, and regulations? DMVdesk Advanced eFiling is the answer — a 3-hour course designed to keep you informed by learning from the experts. Easy to fit into your busy schedule, this class covers new features within DMVdesk and more efficient ways to process your deals. In addition, a review of all DMV updates informs you of the latest laws and any procedural changes, including an introduction to the AB 516 temp tag mandate which goes into effect January 1, 2019. Bring your questions to class and let our experts teach you the how, why, and when for nearly any situation you may encounter.

Who Should Attend?

Exclusively for DMVdesk users

After this course, you will understand:

  • Review of new features within DMVdesk
  • Quick tips and shortcuts when eFiling vehicles
  • New DMV registration laws and regulations
  •  AB 516  — Introduction to the Temp Tag mandate, effective January 1, 2019
    NOTE:  For this class, we can only provide an introduction to AB 516. Visit for dates and times for complete AB 516 Training. The 3-hour classes are free and we offer morning and afternoon options.

Topics Covered



eFiling Quick Tips

New Laws and Regulations

 AB 516
Temp Tag Mandate Introduction


Price: Complimentary for DMVdesk users



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