Fundamentals of Recreational Titling & Registration


Fundamentals of Recreational Titling & Registration REG 201M

Fundamentals of Recreational Titling & Registration


Motorcycle, vessel, and recreational vehicle dealership clerks know that these kinds of transfers require that little bit extra in regards to paperwork and submission. While not that different from a regular automobile transfer, these transactions often deal with unique terminology and require additional documentation. REG 201M is designed for you — the registration and title clerks of leisure vehicles. This course reviews what you need to properly and efficiently register motorcycles, vessels, and recreational vehicles to make sure the transfer process is as smooth as possible. With instructions and examples based on actual leisure vehicle transactions, you’ll improve your ability to handle any problem deals you might encounter at your dealership. 

Who Should Attend?

Powersports registration and title clerks with less than one year of experience

After this course, you will understand:

  • Leisure vehicle categories such as motorcycles, vessels, recreational vehicles, and trailers
  • DMV’s general policies and procedures regarding vehicle registration for these kinds of vehicles
  • Forms required to process the most common types of registration and titling transactions
  • California Certificate of Title to transfer vehicle ownership and how to properly complete it
  • Factors affecting leisure vehicle transfers
  • Information provided on the Vehicle Inquiry Report (KSR)
  • Fees associated with leisure vehicle registration transactions
  • BPA transactions and how to properly complete them for approval

Price: $115, $95 for CMDA Members and $75 for DMVdesk/Vitu users and KPA Members.

Available throughout the year by appointment.

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