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Title & Registration for Dealerships

DMV Clerk Certification Course

DLR 101


New DMV Clerk Training

Build Foundational Knowledge of DMV Paperwork and eFiling

DMV transactions can be complex, raising a barrier for new DMV Clerks who have little to no previous industry experience. Advice and guidance can take your clerks so far, but each deal is different, and the best way to master DMV processes and paperwork is to work in the field. But the question remains: how can your clerk get the comprehensive experience they need to succeed? RMP’s DMV Clerk Certification Course offers real world, hands-on training to address this need and help your new DMV Clerks level up their skills to process new, used and wholesale transactions at your dealership. This immersive 12-week program is taught by RMP staff with in-depth knowledge of DMV paperwork and eFiling. It requires a minimum commitment of 13 hours per week, and it includes live Zoom instruction, online modules, workbook exercises and on-site training.

Who is this course for?

Employees with limited to no DMV Title and Registration training or background

What does this course cover?

  • Week 1 - Welcome to Dealership 101; Orientation

  • Week 2 - General Policies; Vehicle Registration Forms/Titling Procedures Part 1

  • Week 3 - Exam #1; Vehicle Registration Forms/Titling Procedures Parts 2-3

  • Week 4 - Transfer scenarios Parts 1-3

  • Week 5 - Wholesale transfers; Understanding the KSR; DMV Fees

  • Week 6 - Exam #2; Submission of paperwork; DMV File copy review; Errors and resolutions

  • Week 7 through 9 - Prep deals, new/used eFiling, retrieving required documents, error corrections

  • Weeks 10 through 12 - Material review as needed

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Course fee paid in four installments

  • $1,250 down payment

  • $1,250 at start of week three

  • $1,250 at start of week six

  • $1,250 at start of week nine

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