RMP Teams Meet to Launch 2018 Classes

February 12, 2018
RMP Teams Meet to Launch 2018 Classes

Some of the California RMP Team, Gisela Gonzalez, Mary Grigorian, Jennifer Vasquez, Valerie Gonzalez and Geneva Richardson in their new building in Agoura Hills.

In all four RMP states, teams are preparing to launch 2018’s classes. Geneva Richardson, Training and Development Manager, has been meeting with trainers to go over the updated materials for 2018. You may recall from October’s blog post that the trainers met at that time to discuss their successes and propose changes for the new year’s materials. Since then, everyone has been working hard behind the scenes updating the RMP books and handouts.

The RMP team feels it’s important to implement as many suggestions from attendees as possible, especially any areas of concern that dealerships have. “Our participants are our focus — it needs to make sense to them, and when they have an idea on how to improve things, we listen,” said Geneva. RMP trainers endeavor to take DMV information and break it down into terms that are easy to understand — this is a cornerstone of RMP training.

There are some exciting changes in store for 2018 RMP participants — and on January 4th, the California trainers got a taste of what’s ahead. In an all-day meeting, the trainers discussed new content, policy and form changes, and reviewed the exercises and games for each RMP module. The RMP team has been keeping an eye on what’s going to be happening in the industry over the next few months, and discussed how to apply that knowledge in class. Everyone had a great time collaborating together, celebrating a birthday and the upcoming spring weddings for two of the trainers.

RMP trainers in Illinois, Oregon and Virginia have also been preparing in the same way, each meeting with Geneva and their state manager in a Skype conference call. “Every trainer receives a trainer’s manual for each module, along with a fresh Powerpoint presentation template they individually customize,” said Geneva.

Always strategizing on more effective ways to present the material, RMP implements new ways of keeping attendees engaged in the classroom. New for 2018 is an internet-based game that enables attendees to participate using their phones — it’s fast action and it’s fun!

You’ll be excited to see what’s new for 2018 in your own RMP class. Be sure click the “Choose a State” link at the top left of this page to check the schedules for the new 2018 classes, and sign up now.