RMP Launches

September 04, 2018
RMP Launches

By Kathryn Jewell

Until now, getting quality training was hit-or-miss for those who wanted to obtain or renew a used or wholesale dealer license in California. As the training leaders in the industry, RMP saw the need for an expertly-taught, convenient and affordable program. So they rolled up their sleeves and created an exciting new course, Training Dealers 101. The focus of this DMV-approved classroom-based program is preparation for the DMV Dealer License exam required to become a used or wholesale vehicle dealer. This 6-hour class is provided throughout California, all year long.

August 9 was a remarkable day at Vitu headquarters in Agoura Hills, CA as RMP Trainer Carey Tate presented the very first Training Dealers 101 course. The aspiring used car dealers who attended said they enjoyed the class and appreciated how much they learned. The great thing about RMP classes is that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Our experienced trainers are happy to answer general questions about starting a dealership — which can be invaluable.  

Curious about what the class would be like, I attended in preparation for working on the upcoming online version of this course for license renewal (more on that below) — and I’m so glad I went. Carey, who developed the course, was also the trainer for this class, and she immediately made everyone feel comfortable. After coffee and pastries, she took us through the course material, pointing out what we need to know for the dealership exam, reviewing and answering questions along the way. Even though the class had 6 hours of content, Carey kept things moving — with a few breaks and a great lunch, it didn’t seem that long. I especially appreciated the review questions she gave us after each section of material, because it helped me remember the details better — and that’s important for passing the DMV exam.

Although I’m not planning on becoming a dealer myself, after taking this class, I feel confident that I could do it! I could tell that the other participants also felt energized and prepared with the knowledge they needed for the DMV exam. Not only that, from listening to each other’s questions and Carey’s expert answers that come from her vast experience, they walked away with some great tips for starting a dealership.

Another significant milestone is on the way — the online course, Training Dealers Renewal, is coming soon. RMP is busy working on this continuing education course for used car and wholesale dealers to conveniently renew their licenses online, at their own pace. After finishing this fun, informative and interactive 4-hour course, dealers will receive their official DMV License Renewal Certificate within 3 business days.

To learn more, be sure to visit and see all the details about these impressive new courses.