RMP is Ready for 2018

December 11, 2017
RMP is Ready for 2018

Valerie Gonzalez, Tyler Gifford, Nastassiya Palikarpava and Kathryn Jewell are on the RMP Support Team.


RMP classes may be over for 2017, but things are far from quieting down. Geneva Richardson, the RMP Manager said, “we’re excited about 2018, and have been deep in the process of preparing for this year’s classes since October.” The RMP trainers, support staff and marketing department all work together to make sure everything is ready for classes to begin.

The trainers are hard at work updating the courses, books and planning next year’s classes. Throughout the year, the RMP team keeps track of changes in laws and policies so that the RMP books are updated as soon as possible with each new printing — usually twice a year. “And now that the RMP classes have concluded for the year, it’s a perfect time for trainers to go through the books and make improvements for 2018,” says Gisela Gonzalez, Training and Development Specialist. Books for new courses are researched and written with the relevant state forms scanned in and populated with data. For 2018, RMP has new courses in the works for California and Oregon.

In addition, the trainers plan the course calendar for the year, making sure that enough classes cover various parts of their state to keep up with demand. After contacting and deciding on a venue, they negotiate a contract. Tyler Gifford puts the details up on the signup webpage for each class. Then it’s just a matter of ordering the food to be delivered for the day.

The support staff is also busy with preparations for 2018. Once the edits for the new year’s books for California have been finalized, Nastassiya Palikarpava makes the changes in the original InDesign file and generates a high quality PDF for printing, while Kathryn Jewell does the same for the Illinois, Oregon and Virginia books. In addition, slight modifications are made to the look and feel of the book’s text and graphics to keep them looking fresh. “My favorite part is researching and helping to select the new book cover photos that reflect the energy and professionalism of the RMP program,” said Kathryn. Once each book’s PDF files are ready, they are sent to the publisher and shipped directly to each state within a few weeks.

Since California has multiple courses, each with a large number of classes, many duties fall on the shoulders of Valerie Gonzalez, RMP Coordinator. Besides arranging for the venues for each class, she packs up a box with the books, folders and small gifts and ships it to the trainer a few days ahead of time. Valerie assembles the participant folders that are full of helpful materials and handouts.

The Marketing Department creates materials unique to each state for participant folders, such as an updated submission timeline calendar wheel or a title and reg “Fast Facts” card and an RMP brochure. They also promote each RMP class, designing and sending out several email announcements. In addition, colorful mailers go out for classes and RMP OnDemand online courses throughout the year. “It’s exciting to see RMP grow every year,” said Mike Platteter, Senior Marketing Manager, “and it’s inspiring to see all of us working together as a team to make it happen. We’re already making plans for 2019.”